How To Activate New Indian Bank ATM Card Online

Thanks for reading my article first. How To Activate New Indian Bank ATM Card Online We are going to learn more about this in this article. Let’s go into the article. Customers of Indian Bank can activate their debit card using their mobile banking app, IndPay Mobile Banking, or internet banking service. Customers who do not have access to these services can activate their debit cards at any Indian Bank ATM or via the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature available through the Indian Bank phone banking option. Customers must follow the steps outlined below to activate their debit card through the aforementioned services.

How To Activate New Indian Bank ATM Card Online

How To Activate New Indian Bank ATM Card Online

  • At an ATM, insert your ATM card. Verify that the side of the ATM card with the bank logo and chip is properly inserted.
  • The next step is to choose your favourite language.
  • Utilizing the keypad, enter the PIN’s four digits. Your ATM card may be blocked if you enter your PIN incorrectly.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose a transaction type, such as Withdraw Money, Balance Enquiry, Deposit Money, Bill Pay, and so on. To withdraw money, use the Withdraw Money option.
  • The next step is to choose an account type, such as current, savings, or other.
  • You can enter the withdrawal amount by pressing the keypad and then pressing ok or enter. Verify the account’s balance to make sure it is adequate.
  • Take the cash as well as the withdrawal receipt, which serves as additional proof of the transaction. The remaining account balance after the withdrawal is also included. You can also decide not to use the printed slip and instead check the details of your account on the screen or in the SMS that is sent to the registered mobile number you have provided.
  • The session will be ended by clicking the cancel/cross button.

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How To Activate New Indian Bank ATM Card Online We hope this article solves all your doubts. If in doubt let me know.

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