How to Change Forgotten ATM PIN Number in Indian Bank

How to Change Forgotten ATM PIN Number in Indian Bank: Resetting the PIN on an ATM card can be done at the financial institution or at the machine itself. You may also complete the transaction through internet banking or by getting in touch with the customer service team. The bank will give you a One-Time Password, also known as an OTP, on the mobile number that you have registered with them. This is to ensure that the PIN reset for the ATM card is being performed by you. This ensures that the PIN for the ATM has not been changed without authorization. The following is a discussion of the many methods in which the ATM PIN can be reset.

How to Change Forgotten ATM PIN Number in Indian Bank

How to Change Forgotten ATM PIN Number in Indian Bank

  • Put your debit card into the machine that accepts them at the ATM.
  • Choose the “Green PIN” option when presented with the “Language selection” screen.
  • To view the ‘Generate OTP’ and ‘Set PIN’ choices, click the ‘Generate/Set PIN’ button.
  • Choose the “Generate OTP” option.
  • You are going to be asked to input and then confirm the account number that is associated with the debit card. Input the same, then click the “Yes” button.
  • Your name, a masked account number, and a masked mobile number will be displayed on the screen if the supplied account number is a match with the bank’s data.
  • You are going to be prompted to verify the particulars. In the event that the information is accurate, you are able to confirm the same.
  • Following the successful completion of the verification process, the screen will show a notification that reads, “OTP will be provided to your registered cellphone number.” Using this OTP, you are able to set your PIN.’

Indian Bank ATM PIN Generation by SMS

It is necessary for a client to send an SMS with the cellphone number that was registered, using the format that is indicated here: PIN ABCD JKLM.

The final four numbers of an Indian Bank ATM card are represented by the letters ABCD. On the other hand, JKLM is an abbreviation that refers to the final four digits of an Indian bank account number.

After the text has been sent, an OTP will be sent to the cellphone number that has been registered, and it will be valid for a period of two days. Visiting the automated teller machine (ATM) of Indian Bank is required in order to generate the PIN using it.

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