Indian Bank Debit Cards

I’m writing every article I think will help you in some way. in that respect Indian Bank Debit Cards This article will be very useful for you. The Indian Bank was established in 1907 during the Swadeshi movement. One of India’s biggest public sector banks, Indian Bank has more than 2400 locations throughout the nation. With offices in Jaffna, Colombo, and Singapore, Indian Bank is well-known worldwide and has 213 correspondent banks.

Indian Bank Debit Cards

Indian Bank is a leader in specialised banking services and has dedicated branches to handle international business and SME operations. The bank offers a vast array of banking and financial services, including loans, deposit and account services, as well as debit cards.

Debit cards from Indian Bank are thoughtfully created to offer consumers the best advantages and convenience. Utility bill payments, online shopping, and ATM withdrawals are all possible with Indian Bank Debit Cards.

The Indian Bank Atm Cards are available in two variants:

  • RuPay Card Variants
  • MasterCard Variants

Features  and Benefits of Indian Bank Rupay card

  • Because this debit card is only available to Indians who live in India, transaction information is not sent outside of the country.
  • RuPay debit cards were designed with Indians’ service needs in mind.
  • lower transaction costs because it caters to all social classes, including the most vulnerable As a result, it has a much broader reach in India than its competitors.
  • The first year the RuPay card is issued, there is no yearly maintenance fee. As in the second year, yearly maintenance is billed as a fee plus GST.

Features of the Indian Bank Rupay PMJDY Card

  • Everyone who opened a Jan-Dhan account under the Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana Scheme received a RuPay PMJDY debit card.
  • The daily cash withdrawal limit is Rs.25,000.
  • The daily limit for cash transactions at POS (Point of Sale) is also Rs.25,000.
  • Because this debit card was designed primarily for the poorer sections of the population, it allows for withdrawals and transactions at merchant establishments but not online transactions.

Indian Bank Senior Citizen Debit Card

  • Senior citizens can get a special card from Indian Bank. This type of debit card includes information such as a photo, blood group, and date of birth.
  • Transaction Limits: This transaction has a cash withdrawal limit of Rs.25,000 and a POS limit of Rs.25,000.
  • This card can only be used for transactions in India.

IB DIGI – RuPay Classic Card

  • Customers who open an Indian Bank Digital (DIGI) account via a website or mobile app will receive a Rupay Classic Card.
  • Transaction Limits: The daily withdrawal limit for a traditional ATM card is Rs. 10,000. Furthermore, the POS transaction is for Rs. 10,000.
  • Usages: Only Indian trades are permitted.

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