Indian Bank — Passbook Printing

We hope you find the Indian Bank — Passbook Printing article in mind. Let’s move on to the articles. A customer’s bank account transactions are compiled in a big ledger called a bank passbook. The bank will also provide you with a passbook when you open a savings account with Indian Bank.

Indian Bank — Passbook Printing

Indian Bank — Passbook Printing

  • You first take your bankbook and go to your bank branch.
  • Ask for Barcode Sticker for Bank Book Entry there. Then the bank employee will paste the barcode sticker on the back of your passbook.
  • Now access the Passbook Printing Machine inside or outside the bank.
  • Click Touch Here To Start on the machine’s screen.
  • Select your required language. Here I have selected Tamil.
  • Now open a blank page in your passbook and insert it into the machine.
  • Now wait until your QR Code (Barcode) is scanned and you get the bank details. After the machine receives your bank details, it will display the accountant’s name and bank account number on the screen.
  • After the entire print, your bankbook will automatically be ejected. Now you can pick up your book.

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